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The Hundred Foot Journey (PG-13)

From Wikipedia: in The Hundred Foot Journey the Kadam family has run a restaurant in Mumbai for several years. The second-oldest son, Hassan, is being groomed to replace his mother as the restaurant's main cook. The family's dreams are disrupted when a mob attacks and firebombs the restaurant over an election dispute. Papa Kadam and his family successfully evacuate the guests, but Mama is killed in the fire. Seeking asylum in Europe, the family first settles in London, where their residence proves ill-suited for a restaurant. They depart for mainland Europe.

Hassan's cooking proves popular and unconventional enough to result in Madame Mallory's restaurant receiving its second Michelin Star, an elite honor bestowed on only a handful of restaurants in Europe. The award draws national attention to Hassan's cooking, and he is offered a job in Paris, which he accepts. Papa and Madame Mallory make amends and ultimately begin romancing each other.

Hassan's cooking quickly receives critical acclaim, fueling speculation of a third Michelin Star for the Paris restaurant, but his work is increasingly bogged down by thoughts of his family and Marguerite, with whom he had an ongoing romance. Hassan decides to return home and reunites with Marguerite. He asks Marguerite to join him in a business venture--buying a stake in Madame Mallory's restaurant, along with operational control. Hassan believes this will help Madame Mallory's restaurant earn its third Michelin Star. That evening, Hassan and Marguerite cook dinner for Hassan's family at Madame Mallory's restaurant. As the two young chefs bring out the dishes for the meal, everyone anticipates an evening of romance and fine dining.

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